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[10 Sep 2006|10:15am]
[mood |   crushed]
[music | Stina Nordemstam - Little Star]

New Icons and a broken heart ...

So hello again I made after a very long time some Icons again. I just had now time in the last weeks. I started working and it really makes me a lot fun but I also am very sad in the last few days because I and my boyfriend broke up. We meet almost 2 years ago each other in a club and he fell in love with me. At the beginning I wasn't really sure I've I ever could be with him together but in the end it all changed. I really love(d) him ... and now it's over. We had since 1 mothe really problems. I couldn't trust him any more because he betrayeded me. I think he just broke me heart and let me down. He told me that he can't fell anything for me anymore. I haven't spoken to him since than. The situation really sucks because I have no clue if we broke up or if we just have a break. This ass has still things at my place but he doesn't pick them up. I fell really kinda shitty ... so sorry for stressing you guys ...

But know the new Icons
-  2 O.C.
-  1 Christina Ricci
-  5 Drew B. 
-  3 Lindsay Lohan
-  2 Brittany Murphey 
-  6 Charmed
-  6 Jessica Alba

I almost forgot ... I have a new mood theme from nightfall_icons (Thanks again)

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[10 Jul 2006|03:39pm]
[mood |  ecstatic]
[music | Fettes Brot - Nordisch by Nature]

Yeahu ... I finally made it my last exam is ofer and I am so happy, it's like a huge stone fell of me. Today after school I just thought yeah now I can do something in Photoshop. In the last few weeks I had no time for the Net and for making Icons. So today I made very mutch ... her are some.

- 6 Evan Rachel Wood
- 3 Scarlett J.
- 2 Erika
- 2 Gilmore Girls
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[03 Jul 2006|10:14pm]
[mood | working]
[music | nothing at the moment]

Puh what a stressig week ... Friday I have my finall exam and I am very scared! The worst thing is that I am ill. Oh man ... that sucks. But no more crying her are some Roswell Icons.

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